Connect with Cycling’s Rich History

Cycling has a long, rich history and one of the most powerful ways to truly connect with it is to resurrect a classic race bike and ride the Noosa Strade Bianche.

The process of restoration can be challenging, eating up hours of your life (and money) as you strive for that vintage perfection!

Fast forward to the day that your build is complete… you can thoroughly enjoy your dream bicycle, cycling over local roads whilst you reminisce about days past.

Climbing on a Vintage Bicycle

Satisfying as that is, there remains a further indulgence… something you didn’t initially yearn for… take the connection one step further and ride your pride and joy amongst hundreds of others who share the same passion. Showcasing your vintage and piloting it across a route designed to test at the Noosa Strade Bianche.

Amazing Bicycles on Show

One of the real pleasures of The Noosa Strade Bianche is seeing hundreds of stunning old bicycles. Whether it be at the Vintage Bicycle Show N Shine on Saturday or during Sunday’s events.

Vintage Bicycles Across the Web

We have put together some links below to videos/blogs from across the web, featuring Vintage bicycles, that may inspire you to begin a restoration project of your own. There is still plenty of time until the 2020 Noosa Strade Bianche, why not indulge in the ‘complete’ experience….

Female Cyclist at the Noosa Strade Bianche

The pros and cons of restoring a classic road bike

There are many reasons why a fan would want to resurrect a classic road bike. “Some are attracted to the history, the brands, or the names that rode them,” says Andy White of Fyxo, who is well known for a wide range of retro projects. “Otherwise, they are a call to a time past that is still remembered fondly, or it’s a bike they wished they could own but could never afford.”

Building A Retro Replica Bike | 1920’s (ish)

The good old days of cycling, remember them? When men were men and raced on steel bikes with 2 gears and awful brakes. The glory days. Well anyway Jon wanted to build Si a bike for him to ride which wouldn’t have been out of place at the Giro a hundred years ago….

Modern VS Retro Road Bike | Cycling Weekly

Find out how modern bikes differ compared to their predecessors from 80’s.

Quick Tips for Upgrading Vintage Road Bikes

The limitation of vintage road bikes for riders like me is the gearing. Due to the reduced capacity of vintage derailleurs and freewheel sizing, if you keep the old bikes original, you will probably have no smaller than a 42-tooth chainring with a 28-tooth cog, providing a 40.5-inch gear.

How Much Faster Are Modern Bikes? | Retro Vs Modern

How much faster is a brand new Orbea Orca M Limited than Pedro Delgado’s 1985 Vuelta winning Orbea? Bike tech, frame materials, training techniques, cycling shoes, and the kit that we wear have all moved on significantly in the last 30 years. But, the fact is that, despite this, the legends of cycling were – and in many cases still are all these years later – really, really fast.

Steel Vintage Bikes | GCN Checks out Berlin’s Coolest Bike Shop

Berlin is renowned for its cycling culture, it’s home to plenty of vintage bicycle shops and cafes. One of the coolest and best known is Steel Vintage Bikes, a rapidly growing vintage cycling cafe and home to some iconic bikes from cycling history. Join Hank and Manon as they check it out!

We are planning for 2020 to be our best event ever!

Hopefully, with an August event date, the Coronavirus will be well and truly under control in Australia by the time the Noosa Strade Bianche rolls around.

With the continued support of the Vintage cycling community and the addition of 2 gravel rides, we are hoping that we will have the resources to make 2020 our biggest celebration of Vintage Cycling so far!

Please join us for the ride and get your entries in as soon as possible. If you have friends that ride but don’t own vintage, let them know about the event too. The more shares of the event that we can attract through your social networks, the sooner we can close the event off to further entries and get working on the party!!!

We look forward to seeing you all in 2020… Let’s make it the best… together!