What type of bike do I need for Noosa Strade Bianche?

Noosa Strade Bianche event routes provide riders with a challenging mix of ‘Strade Bianche’ (gravel) and road.

Cyclists have been enjoying gravel-riding adventures for as long as bikes have been on the road. The latest trend in cycling, gravel bikes, are something of a throwback – only now with a trendy name and state-of-the-art bikes that are up to the job. Gravel riding gives cyclists the opportunity to get away from large traffic volume and experience the great outdoors.

Do I need a Gravel Bike for the Noosa Strade Bianche?

The 2020 Noosa Strade Bianche is the 10th anniversary of an event that has been dedicated to Vintage bikes. This year marks the first year, that the event has been opened up to modern bikes. That is not to say you should jump straight on to your modern gravel bike however!

If you are one of the lucky few to own a vintage bike, then for the ultimate excitement, you should definitely ride our event on Vintage, no question! The experience of riding on your old ‘steelie’ over the mixed terrain of the Noosa Hinterland, will become a fond memory in years to come, trust us, we line up to ride every year!

If you don’t own ‘vintage’, then we recommend the modern gravel bike as the next bike in line to truly enjoy our event. They’re not as equipped for tarmac as a road bike, nor for the dirt as a mountain bike, but for a combination of both the gravel bike will be the best choice. The gravel bike is versatile, and it might be the only machine you ever need.

Gravel Vintage

If you’re not a road racer then a gravel bike, with a narrower tyre width, can handle any of courses, with added comfort. Likewise, if you’re not a dedicated mountain biker and just fancy adding some adventure to your rides, some thicker rubber will do the job off-road.

I don’t have a vintage bike or a gravel bike, will a mountain bike be ok?

If you’re itching to be a part of our event but don’t own a vintage or gravel bike, you may find that your mountain bike is up to the job.

The suspension forks will smooth out the trail to give you added comfort as you head into each of the ‘gravel sections’ of our routes. Some slightly less aggressive tyres would be highly recommended, to help keep up your average speed on each of the road sections. An ability to lock-off your suspension as and when required will also help keep the power on and your watts high throughout the day!

I don’t even have a mountain bike… Can I ride my fancy Carbon Road Bike?

The short answer is YES! The modern ‘Strade Bianche’ event that takes part in Italy is contested by professional cyclists on modern bikes every year. Paris Roubaix is another event that sees road bikes take on the rough stuff!

Wider tyres will help you enjoy the event more, and if you can go tubeless it would be recommended too (as punctures will be common on skinnies). A double wrap of handlebar tape will see your wrists happier at the end of the ‘Gran Fondo’ day and a good handful of chamois cream rubbed into your shorts at the start is a must!

Gravel Riding in Noosa Hinterland

This event is not for beginners.

The route will be marked at relevant intersections and there will be a ‘broom wagon’, however participants will be responsible for their own navigation, nutrition, mechanicals and safety. GPS devices are permitted, but riders should also seriously consider having a copy of the maps for this region as a backup. Participants must carry their own food/water, although there are several Brevit points that will serve you free refreshments as part of your entry fee. We pass through several towns where food and drinks can be purchased & toilet stops can be made.

Carry whatever you’ll need to survive! Be prepared to cope with broken spokes, flats, broken chains, etc.

The following are suggested:

  • Extra half links.
  • At least 2 tubes and a perhaps patch kit.
  • A decent hand pump (and possibly CO2 also, but never rely on it solely).
  • A multi-tool that does everything.
  • Extra Derailleur hanger?
  • The capacity to carry fluids and food, although it will be possible to re-provision en-route.
  • Front & rear lighting for the possibility of late return.
  • Form partnerships & be prepared to help out your fellow riders!

Bike Repairs on the go

We are planning for 2020 to be our best event ever!

Hopefully, with an August event date, the Coronavirus will be well and truly under control in Australia by the time the Noosa Strade Bianche rolls around.

With the continued support of the Vintage cycling community and the addition of 2 gravel rides, we are hoping that we will have the resources to make 2020 our biggest celebration of Vintage Cycling so far!

Please join us for the ride and get your entries in as soon as possible. If you have friends that ride but don’t own vintage, let them know about the event too. The more shares of the event that we can attract through your social networks, the sooner we can close the event off to further entries and get working on the party!!!

We look forward to seeing you all in 2020… Let’s make it the best… together!