Noosa Strade Bianche – It’s all about the Vintage

Vintage Goodness will be at the heart of our event forever!

This year (2020), will be the 10th anniversary of the Sunshine Coasts vintage cycling event ‘The Noosa Strade Bianche’. We are proud to say that the event has grown, year after year and developed a loyal following amongst the Vintage Bicycles community here in Australia.

Every year, for the entire weekend that the event takes place, the Noosa Marina is resplendent in all manner of steel and vintage goodness. Christophe Toes Straps, Campagnolo Delta Brakes and 36-hole rims bring the vintage past to life and showcase the cycling craftmanship that existed back in the day.

As a group of volunteers that have grown our ‘vintage’ idea to such a wonderful event and exhibition, we are proud to say that all our supporters have been as much a part of the successful journey as we have.

Vintage Brake Lever

A Showcase of Vintage Beauty to the entire cycling community

Through listening to past entrants, bike shops and the broader cycling community, we have realised that it is truly difficult for people to get their hands-on Vintage beauty!

We wanted to showcase our event to a larger audience for the 10th anniversary. Our committee round-tabled ideas that could keep the Vintage Bicycles as the event showpiece, but also allow other cyclists to enjoy riding the route and admire the Vintage machines.

New Gravel Bike Category for 2020

So… The addition of Gravel Bikes was suggested for 2020. Gravel bikes, mountain bikes and standard road bikes are now eligible to ride the route of the Gran Fondo (Dirt Noosa 147.5km) or the Medio Fondo (Dirty Medio 87km).

The addition of a maximum 500 contemporary bikes on the Noosa Strade Bianche routes for 2020 will add an extra element of safety for all of our riders, with more volunteers enlisted to marshal the course and assist where required plus more people on bicycles on route.

As the event organisers, our intention is that Saturday’s ‘Show and Shine’ will serve as a showcase to the entire cycling community. Highlighting the beauty of the Vintage cycling era that many will have never experienced. As per previous years, will be running ‘Best of Show’ and ‘People’s Choice’ categories, to help engage the new audience and who knows, maybe some of them will be so inspired that in 2021 they turn up to ride with a vintage bicycle too. We encourage anybody with a Steel Bicycle to ‘Show’ in 2020, no matter the condition.

Show and Shine

Saturday at the Noosa Marina will also play host to one of our most treasured events, ‘The Swapmeet’. We have a range of stallholders that cater to the collectors/restorers and we are hoping that the ‘Vintage Bling’ on show will appeal to both traditionalist and newbie. Who doesn’t need a pair of Campagnolo Record Downtube shifters as part of their cycling collection! Our contemporary frame builders will also be on show and with the resurgence in this market, perhaps we will see them building some beautiful Gravel Bikes that may ride the event in the future?

Passionate volunteers with local support

As a group of passionate volunteers, funding is essential to keep the event viable and running from year to year. We are extremely fortunate that one of our biggest supporters is Noosa Tourism. Noosa Tourism ‘s purpose is to showcase the beauty of Noosa and its surrounding hinterland to as large a market as possible. This in turn brings visitors to the area who then spend by staying in accommodation and eating at restaurants etc etc which keeps the local economy ticking over. With the addition of 500 places for non-vintage bicycles we may be eligible to receive additional funds in the future for our event which will help with the ever-increasing costs of running an event such as this.

Local Volunteers help run our event

Our local bike shops have found it difficult to get involved in the event previously, as the Vintage Bicycling Market excludes their customer base. We wanted to provide a way that could assist them, particularly through the Coronavirus crisis. The addition of Gravel Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes enables all cyclists to take part and will perhaps encourage the purchase of new bikes or at the very least repairs in order to get to the start line. The Vintage era would never have existed without local bike shops and we see it as an integral part of the continuation of cycling as a pastime into the future. If everything moves online, there will be no shops to service bikes!!!

We are planning for 2020 to be our best event ever!

Hopefully, with an August event date, the Coronavirus will be well and truly under control in Australia by the time the Noosa Strade Bianche rolls around.

With the continued support of the Vintage cycling community and the addition of 2 gravel rides, we are hoping that we will have the resources to make 2020 our biggest celebration of Vintage Cycling so far!

Enter the 2020 Strade Bianche

Please join us for the ride and get your entries in as soon as possible. If you have friends that ride but don’t own vintage, let them know about the event too. The more shares of the event that we can attract through your social networks, the sooner we can close the event off to further entries and get working on the party!!!

We look forward to seeing you all in 2020… Let’s make it the best… together!